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Meet Your Host

Natasha Premji is an aspiring family physician who has an interest in sexual health, women's health, LGBTQIA2S+ health and obstetrics. After graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, she is currently pursuing her career in Canada. As a first generation Canadian with South-Asian background, she found sexual health an uncomfortable topic to discuss and wants to work towards breaking down those stigmas and stereotypes!

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My Story

Hi everyone! My name is Natasha Premji and I am so excited to welcome you to my podcast page. I am an aspiring family physician with a special interest in obstetrics. After completing my Bachelors degree at the University of Waterloo, I was STUCK! I wasn't sure if I should pursue my Masters or have a more patient-centered career in medicine. I took a year off and explored my options. After working and volunteering in various clinical settings, I decided to start a new and exciting adventure studying medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain.

Science was always an interest of mine. I was that curious child who entered every science fair in school; but my aim wasn't to win - it was to be unique. My projects had to be something the teachers and students had never seen before. Other than striving to be unique since childhood, I also have always been quite extroverted. This was another reason I chose to pursue medicine - to create those irreplaceable patient relationships.

Being someone who is unique and extroverted, I wasn't always accepted within the South Asian community, especially as a young girl. However, my parents taught me to be fearless and encouraged me to always be myself. As a first generation Canadian, some conversations were still difficult to have with my family. My parents were quite open-minded but sexual health was never a topic of discussion. This is what inspired me to start this podcast. To make uncomfortable situations more comfortable, no matter what age you are. My goal is to break down stereotypes and stigmas associated with sexual health, women's and men's health, and to address health concerns for LGBTQIAS2+ groups. 

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